Where Our E-Waste Goes

Reuse is our #1 goal!

We strongly believe in reuse over processing (a.k.a. recycling) since even the most responsible processing still has an impact. Here’s what happens with your e-waste after it is collected by the 4th Bin.

We sort all e-waste into two categories:

  • Reuse: We refurbish and resell as much equipment as we can to give old electronics a new life.
  • Processing: Equipment that cannot be refurbished is transported to one of our downstream partners.

Your e-waste is removed by trained technicians — not garbage men. Items are carefully packed into The 4th Bin truck to protect from any breakage of electronic devices. We can’t reuse a broken device.

Your e-waste is then driven to our Local Sorting Facility; items are separated and classified as either “reusable” or “recyclable.”

Items classified as “reusable” are refurbished and sold at discount prices through various outlets. “Recyclable” items are sent to our recycling partners for the proper extraction of hazardous materials and processing for commodities.

During the processing phase items are shredded, refined, and finally resold on the open market. These materials are used to create new products. No e-waste items that we handle are exported.