About Us

4th Bin was started by two regular guys from the technology industry. We had old electronics that needed to be disposed of and realized there was no easy, cost effective, and responsible solution for the disposal of e-waste in NYC. We decided to create the solution.

Our Story - image 1The Problem in the E-Waste Industry

Our solution originally consisted of the pickup method and the desire for all collected equipment to be recycled for reuse. We quickly learned that there is a lot more to the e-waste industry than we anticipated. We hadn’t considered the hazardous materials located in items and how those materials need to be collected, handled and disposed of. We also learned that there’s a seediness underlying the industry that is a result of the lack of regulation guiding the proper and ethical disposal of these materials. The result is that, more often than not, the “bottom line” dictates what happens to collected materials. Items with little recoverable value are landfilled, stockpiled – or worse – illegally exported to poor countries where they are incinerated causing massive environmental and ecological damage.

E-Waste RecyclingEthical E-Waste Recycling

We decided that we will not be a party to this damage and refuse to let the bottom line compromise our ethics. We believe that most people want to do the right thing and are willing to engage ethical businesses to accomplish this. We’re not alone – Since 4th Bin operations began in February 2010, we have collected over 3 million pounds of e-waste by going door to door.

Secure Data DestructionSecure Data Destruction

Because of our background in the technology industry we understood that data privacy and security are extremely important. Which is why we launched our certified data destruction services several years ago. Our data destruction services eliminate risk, liability, and the potential impact of not securing your data when your equipment reaches the end of it’s life.

Asset Value RecoveryAsset Value Recovery (AVR)

As we’ve continued to grow, we have realized that businesses of all types and sizes need a complete IT equipment management solution – not just a disposal option. This led us to develop our Asset Value Recovery service, which allows our customers to maximize the value of their IT assets while achieving optimal ROI. We work with our clients to help them fully understand the fair market value of their equipment and purchasing the equipment at that value – all while ensuring the purest form of recycling – reuse.

Portfolio ManagerIT Portfolio Manager

Even more exciting is the next stage of our evolution – our IT Portfolio Manager service. This service provides our customers a best of breed, unique and complete IT asset lifecycle management service. We deliver a detailed asset management strategy for the long term purchase and sale of IT equipment. In short, we help businesses understand the optimal time to sell their equipment and advise on the purchase decisions while optimizing their net spend, opportunity cost and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In the end, we are delivering the most valuable and professional solution set to our clients. We build our relationships around respect, understanding and trust and strive to become a valued partner over the long term – not to just score the one-time, quick deal.