The 4th Bin E-Waste Recycling Mission

Dear Stakeholders,

When describing The 4th Bin, we often tell people how we started the company. It generally goes like this: The 4th Bin was started by two regular guys from the IT industry who had old electronics that needed to be disposed of and realized there was no easy, cost-effective, and responsible solution for the disposal of e-waste in NYC. So we decided to create the solution…along with several other solutions to benefit you and your business.

Our Solutions

Our solution originally included the pickup method and the desire for all e-waste to be recycled for reuse. We quickly learned that there is a lot more to the e-waste industry than anticipated. We hadn’t considered the hazardous materials found in items and how these materials need to be collected, handled and disposed of. We learned that there’s a seediness underlying the e-waste industry that comes from a lack of legislation and regulation regarding the proper and ethical disposal of these materials.

In addition, there were no mandates to ensure data privacy and security. That’s why we launched our certified data destruction services to partner with our e-waste recycling service. Our goal is to eliminate risk and liability when it comes to your business’ data while guaranteeing your sensitive data is protected and your IT equipment is properly disposed of.

Through collaboration with our clients, we realized that businesses need a complete IT equipment management solution, not just a disposal option. This recognition led us to develop our Asset Value Recovery service where we ensure that our clients fully understand and receive the fair market value of their IT technology while utilizing the purest form of recycling—reuse.

As the market continued to evolve, we realized there is the need for a data-driven IT lifecycle strategy and management solution. That led us to develop our IT Portfolio Manager service. With The 4th Bin’s IT Portfolio Manager service, we can position ourselves to become a trusted IT partner over the long term by helping to develop a long term purchasing and sales strategy for business’ IT assets.

Our Goals

Going forward, our goals are twofold. First, in a self-regulated industry, we want to provide our clients with the most professional and forward-thinking business solutions. Second, we will deliver this solution set while building a long-term partnership with our clients.

To meet our first goal, we have several strategies. First, we aggressively pursue anything that will support our claim to legitimate and ethical business practices. We were one of the first 25 organizations to register with the State of New York when registration for e-waste recyclers, consolidators, and collectors became a requirement in 2011 (Our DEC number is 00023). We also align ourselves with organizations that represent the highest ethical standards in the e-waste industry. We are endorsed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and are a certified e-Steward, R2, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Recycler and a B Corp. The e-Steward certification is considered the highest standard of ethical e-waste recycling in the industry. We are a winner of the 2015 EPA Environmental Champion Award.

Second, we see long-term value in relationships. We strive to understand your business needs to help you plan for the future. The 4th Bin has created an IT Portfolio Manager solution to advise you on the full lifecycle of your equipment. Our clients trust our investment analysis and find value in a relationship that can see past the immediate need to handle “volume”. We help our clients create strategy that help reduce total cost of ownership and net spend over time.

These are aggressive goals. But we believe we can accomplish them. More importantly, we believe we MUST accomplish them. Our industry is in need of strong ethical players to lead the way and The 4th Bin will be one of those leaders.

Michael and John, Co-founders, The 4th Bin