Michael Deutsch
Co-founder and CEO
With over fifteen years of technology, senior management, and general business experience, Michael is the rare technologist who can see and understand business issues. Michael began his career as an engineer for companies such as Major League BaseballHBO, DLJ, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. He eventually joined management with the Internet startup Underground Online and then became Vice President of Information Systems for MortgageIT, Inc. He helped that company grow from twelve offices to more than sixty-five offices within a two-year period and an eventual acquisition by Deutsche Bank. He has seen, from the inside, the Internet bubble of the late nineties and the recent mortgage meltdown. This has led him to ask the question, What happens to all of those computers, printers, monitors, and cell phones? He sees the answer in the 4th Bin.

John Kirsch
Co-founder and Senior VP of Business Development
John came up with the 4th Bin concept in 2008 as a reaction to the growing problem of e-waste collection in New York City. This lack of any real e-waste system inspired him to launch an international design competition aptly named Design The 4th Bin. Prior to The 4th Bin John was the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Control Group Inc., a New York City-based enterprise technology and software development firm. He spent five years working for Addison Design, managing the IT infrastructure for their three offices, located in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. He has served as Board of Director for Open House New York since 2008 and sits on Public School 8’s Executive Board.

Jeffrey Zink
VP of Sales/Business Development
Jeffrey has over 30 years of experience in successfully launching and developing companies, products and services. His previous endeavor was as a Vice President of YAHOO! Jeffrey started with YAHOO! in 1995 shortly after its IPO launch. He was solely responsible for building the East Coast and Canada operations including sales, strategic alliances, business development, business operations and web broadcasting. During his tenure revenue grew in the eastern region to over $300 million dollars.

Jeffrey was also Publisher of a variety of magazines in the entertainment, travel and design industries. In addition, Jeffrey successfully launched a multitude of revenue streams for large and independent media organizations. These included publications, software, trade shows, interactive services, consumer exhibits, television programs, seminars, lecture series and marketing services.