Rocket Science

Rocket SceinceIndustry:

Information Technology and Services

About Rocket Science:

Design PLUS Technology? Yeah, turns out they aren’t mutually exclusive. Without one, the other just isn’t very effective. Great design is only great if it’s functional. Technology is only useful if it can be understood. One feeds the other, therefore we embrace them both. The whole point of working with technology is to create something that feels human. Until it evolves into something that’s neither design nor technology, but a natural extension of our lives. That’s the thinking that built our business. We love the plus.

Rocket does all this with a unique culture of fun, interesting staff who treat each client as a special case — we give white glove personalized service.

Rocket Science Specializes in the Following Industries:

  • Legal
  • Architecture Design
  • Entertainment Agencies
  • Non-profits

Rocket Science’s Core Competencies:

Rocket Science aggressively handles the whole stack of services from Service/Support (my s@#t is broken!) to Engineering (Projects, Upgrades & Maintenance Programs) to IT Management (Budgets, Strategy & Planning) and Design (creating things that look and feel sexy).

Industry Credentials & Certifications:

  • Microsoft Cloud Champion Partners – Silver level – MCSE, MCSA, MCP
  • VMWare – VCP, VSP, VTS
  • Cisco – CCNA, CCNA Security, CSE, DESGN
  • Apple – ACSP, ACTC, ACMT

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