4th Bin Services

4th Bin Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction and IT Consulting Services

We provide secure and environmentally responsible electronics recycling, equipment buy-back, data destruction, and IT consulting services for companies as diverse as The New School, R/GA, and Zipcar. We are primarily concerned with protecting your critical data, increasing ROI, and responsibly disposing of your electronics. Additionally, we have built a network of generalists and specialists we can refer on a need-by-need basis.

Our sole focus is on helping you manage your technology systems lifecycle in a secure and sustainable manner. In addition to E-Waste and Computer Recycling, we also provide certified data destruction along with IT asset management & portfolio management solutions designed to maximize the value of your IT assets.

Learn more about how 4th Bin can ensure your business properly and safely manages your IT assets in an easy and seamless manner.

4th Bin ethically safeguards your business’s sensitive materials while performing the following five functions:

1. Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is the law. With 4th Bin you can be sure your equipment will be recycled responsibly and securely. We are the only certified  e-Stewards certified recycler in NYC.

2. Data Destruction

4th Bin takes the risk out of on-site and off-site data destruction and ensures all data to destroyed in a safe and secure manner.

3. IT Asset Value Recovery

With a specialty in data center liquidations and large-scale refresh projects, we maximize the return on your equipment.

4 . Full Service IT Consulting

We have developed a robust partner network to assist you with many of your business needs. From IT Consulting to Telecom to Moving & Storage, let our pre-screened IT Consulting network work for you.

5. On-site IT Staff Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will train, support and augment your IT staff to lower your costs and expedite turn-times.