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The risks, liabilities, and potential damage to your brand’s reputation make selecting the right partner a critical decision. 4th Bin was founded to provide your organization with simple, secure, and environmentally ethical services. We help manage the recycling, up-cycling, and decommissioning of your electronics, networks, and systems. We are the best end-of-life program in New York City because we work with you while your equipment is still on the desks, before it becomes e-waste. More, we are highly experienced IT professionals with a deep knowledge base and network of affiliates.

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent so you can be at ease knowing exactly where your equipment goes and that your sensitive data is destroyed in a secure and compliant manner. All pricing is discussed up front and you will never be surprised by hidden fees. Above all, our customer service policies are designed to make sure you are completely satisfied. We want you to consider us a partner and return to us whenever you need our services.

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