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IT Portfolio Manager

IT Portfolio Manager

We are very excited about our new IT Portfolio Manager program. This is not a buy-back service or simple electronics recycling. This is an advisory IT asset lifecycle consulting service with the strict goal of helping you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and net spend on your IT portfolio over time.

Our unique industry evaluation for Information Technology portfolio management utilizes a combination of factors such as residual value, acquisition and support costs. We combine that with a thorough understanding of your business needs, what you’re purchasing and your optimal IT asset refresh cycle to make “Smart Decisions” when growing your business IT portfolio.

We do this before you purchase your new IT equipment so we can advise on a complete, long-term lifecycle management strategy for your business’ technology assets. Then, as your organization grows, and in keeping with the market, we optimize your net investment and opportunity cost. This approach is far more effective at planning and managing IT assets, as well as offsetting future upgrades and new purchases to your technology portfolio.

With our new IT Portfolio Manager program, our goal is to become a trusted IT partner over the long term – not to score the one-time, quick deal.

Here’s a quick look at where 4th Bin’s IT Portfolio Manager solution can help:

  • Reduce long term Total Cost of Ownership and net spend of your IT portfolio over time
  • Accurately budget and plan your IT portfolio expenditures well in advance
  • Understand future market value for your Information Technology equipment
  • Accurate investment analysis and management – we evaluate your company’s IT assets and develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize the value and return of all IT equipment
  • “Smart Decisions” when purchasing to decrease your initial net spend over time and/or extend the value of your purchase
  • Offset new IT equipment purchases

Get in touch today to learn about our IT Portfolio Manager program so we can help you understand the true value of your businesses technology.

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